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Company owner Murat Kaya graduated from Dörtyol High School in 1996. Graduating from this school has been beneficial. Due to the Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory, industrialization was very developed in our region. I was hanging out with my brothers in the computer lab at İDÇ. It was there that I first met the computer world in the early 90s. I learned to write text with word processors there for a while. In 1993, my brother Ali Kaya bought our first computer (IBM PS/2) with a scholarship from the university he attended. Later in 1994, when my brother Ali Kaya founded a computer company in Dörtyol, I had the chance to learn about hardware and software closely. In the meantime, a computer laboratory was established in the High School I went to in 1989. While attending high school, Murat Bey could use computers whenever he wanted with the permission of his computer teacher there. He wrote his first arcade game there in his free time. Although he was very interested in programming in high school, his inability to find enough resources caused him to progress late and have learning difficulties. However, due to the lack of resources, he was getting a lot of information from domestic PC magazines with foreign articles as much as he could find or access. Programming languages ​​such as Basic, Pascal, Cobol and Fortran were famous in the DOS operating system at that time. He also focused on Pascal and Basic. Programming interested him so much that he was writing programs until the morning. At the same time, his interest in computers enabled him to discover both electronics and hardware components of the computer. After graduating from high school, he started working in a shoe store in Dörtyol. He worked there as a computer operator, but had developed an application that tracked customers. Then he went to Ankara University to study engineering. Since the internet has just become widespread at the university, he mostly dealt with internet sites. At that time, he was making money with both computer repair and sales, but a merchant in Ankara sites asked him to make a commercial software and it was the first time he made a software project and sold it. During his student years, he worked in different companies in summers and part-time. He worked in the field of market systems and barcode automation at Eray Elektronik in Kurtuluş. He both learned business and took part in projects on security systems and computer systems at EMG Elektronik in Çankaya Yıldız. University and engineering education had given him a lot. He reinforced his computer and electronics knowledge, which he had come from the past and was interested in as a hobby, with engineering education and even started to make applicable projects. He worked on microcontrollers from my own pocket money and the money he earned. EEPROM started to make circuits with program and Micro Controllers. He also made circuits for hobby electronics.

In 2001, he started to work at Safir Computer, founded by his elder brother Ali Kaya in Istanbul. Until he enlisted in the military (2006), he made sales, services and projects related to computer systems to A-Z in this company. He developed a vehicle consultancy application as software. After coming from Asker, he started to do process development and ERP projects in various companies. He first started working at AYNES Gıda, the Feed and Milk Factory in Denizli, Acıpayam in 2007. The first job was to create the infrastructure (server, storage, network and security systems). After establishing the infrastructure, he did application development, adaptation and implementation and process development of the local software Logo Tiger Enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning. He also developed a lot of software in my work that lasted for about 5 years. He had previously developed commercial software, but for the first time he started to develop software in the type of enterprise resource planning during this period.

  • Between 2007 and 2008, I developed a software project that can work in integration with the operating system by following up on raw material purchases.
  • Between 2009 and 2010, I developed an application that makes costing between purchasing and accounting by making production tracking software.
  • In 2011-2012, I added additional modules (recipe and product tracking and reporting) to the production software and released a new version.
  • In 2012-2013, I developed a software in which vehicle tracking and transportation information are tracked and reported.

Apart from these, I worked on enterprise resource planning projects and applications and process development in various companies covering all processes of a business from A-Z until 2019..

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We continue to provide services in different sectors in Turkey with enterprise resource planning projects, software and process development works, on this path that we started by providing infrastructure services to the market.

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