Logo Tiger 3

Designed in line with the needs of medium and large-sized businesses, Logo Tiger 3 provides time and cost savings by efficiently and effectively managing all business processes from data management to sales operations.

For medium and large businesses

Logo Tiger 3 enables medium and large-sized businesses to manage all their activities from a single point, easily and at low costs. All activities, from procurement processes to customer relationship management, can be carried out centrally and consistently. Thus, businesses that gain efficiency in their business processes can get rid of unnecessary workload and allocate resources for competitive advantage and innovation.

Simplicity in all processes

Logo Tiger 3 extends its understanding of quality and efficiency to all processes, starting from the employee level. Thus, information flow between units is ensured with accurate and up-to-date data, and complex business processes are simplified and organized. When information is entered into the system, all departments can directly access up-to-date information within their authority. Simultaneous communication between users is provided, thus saving time and unnecessary communication traffic.

Developable structure

Logo Tiger 3 offers optional special solutions as well as standard modules tailored to the needs of large and medium-sized businesses in different sectors. In this way, businesses can create the most suitable ERP package for their needs.

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