Developed in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration, e-Invoice solutions enable the circulation of invoices safely and quickly in the digital environment.

Regulatory compliance

E-Invoice solutions ensure that invoices issued in UBL-TR standard and electronic documents in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration are transmitted from the sender to the receiving party via the specified data transfer protocol. In line with the legal framework for issuing, transmitting, preserving and presenting invoices as electronic documents, invoices issued with e-invoice have the same legal qualifications as paper invoices. Taxpayers with the status of joint stock, limited, real and sole proprietorships can benefit from the e-invoice application.

Higher speed, lower cost

Businesses that digitize their invoices with e-Invoice solutions gain speed and efficiency in payment and collection processes. In addition, the costs of printing, sending and storing paper invoices are eliminated.

Environmentally friendly billing processes

In addition to the cost advantage provided by the end of paper use, E-Invoice solutions also offer an environmentally friendly application. With the transfer of invoices to electronic media, the use of paper in businesses is reduced and hundreds of thousands of trees are prevented from being cut down every year.

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