Software Development in Enterprise Resource Planning Applications

It is ensured that the necessary studies are carried out to ensure that Kayayaz corporate resource planning projects for micro and SME enterprises are implemented in enterprises. Necessary activities are carried out to prepare and present the infrastructure for ERP by making Start 3, Go 3, Tiger 3 or Enterprise projects in micro and SME enterprises.

IT Infrastructure Management

If there are servers and storage units in enterprises, reorganizing them If there is no server and storage unit in the enterprise, to build or rent a data center for them as Kaya Software To carry out the necessary studies for the correct installation of network devices and the correct operation of wired and wireless networks. Keeping the hardware and software needed by IT up-to-date and renewing them when necessary. Implementing MK Performance Management System for IT infrastructures.

Database, Business Intelligence and Reporting Systems

Build or plan software, fiction and hardware that we can apply our business intelligence methodology to all companies, from the smallest to the largest. The processes of management and installation of modern functional databases and their periodic maintenance, which are most suitable for businesses at the same time. Storing big data in segmented cubes in accordance with predetermined procedures and converting the data there into meaningful or analyzable reports To produce software or platform independent rooted reporting solutions for businesses.

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